Ben Varghese
 I started  HackIT  at Cisco with 24 attendees and a small team of volunteers. A few years later, 700 attendees participated across 18 cities globally.

Projects Managed

I like helping teams complete projects that have never been done before.

Most recently, I supported an international team to create a modular, $1.25M innovation lab and digital campus for Swiss business school IMD. The overall $10M project is part of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative. 

Within six months of arrival at Cisco (including two months of creation, socializing, and planning), my team of fervent volunteers created a scalable hackathon to spur internal innovation and employee engagement for a diverse customer set.  The hackathon series is still running, with over 700 participants at 18 sites around the world.


As a student of Purdue University, one of my favorite projects included leading an engineering team to build a six-foot-tall medieval siege instrument safe enough for use by elementary school kids.  When we started, the project was years behind the promised date, leaving the teachers without an interactive way to teach ballistics in history. 

After our final professional design review, we received the EPICS Corcoran Award for execution that read, "Robust Design with Attention to Safety, Durability, and Partner Need."


At school, I led the Motorcycle Safety at Purdue Coalition.